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The Media and Entertainment industry is now witnessing a boom owing to changes in technology, volatile preferences, and huge mobile device proliferation in the market. These firms have to capitalize on the evolution of varied product distribution channels while taking care of their growth path with current revenue streams. It is evident with the huge competition, they need to optimize resources, reduce costs and boost flexibility across the board. Revenue from traditional outlets is decreasing with each passing day with a pressing need to leverage new channels for distribution. The delivery of content, advertising and services needs to be efficient across a multitude of scenarios too.

RND Infosoft with its team of software professionals and domain experts can aid media and entertainment-based companies with legacy modernization solutions to migrate to smarter digital offerings. We even help enterprises to reboot themselves and their strategies with new processes and systems.

  • Our digital-centric processes will help in boosting productivity and reducing costs.
  • We help companies to launch new distribution channels, and even opt for new business engagement models with their audience.
  • Since the short content lifecycle reiterates the need for rapid monetization, we deliver programmatic advertising solutions for media and entertainment organizations.
  • With our custom advertising platforms, we allow advertisers to narrate their story and highlight their brands.
  • Also, we get them to spread their content through mobile devices, so that there is a deeper connect with the viewers on multiple platforms.
  • With cloud storage and distribution of content, we help in managing fluid operations for the media content value chain.

Our solutions have benefitted film studios, broadcasters, TV networks, and the like consistently since we opt for a collaborative approach, and a complete digital experience. We also make sure that the business benefits multiple stakeholders and everyone derives maximum value on investment.

Enabling each company to do more with less, we help them to make efficient use of their resources, and manage them. Get in touch with us to know more.


"We collaborate with our years long skills and expertise to do information engineering and contribute towards building digital India and smart cities"

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