IOT- Internet of things

IOT- Internet of things

Internet of All Things (IoT) is fast coming into the limelight with a variety of applications that marry gadgets with remote sensors and intelligent control. With IoT, one can enable remote monitoring for patients, assess and analyze trends for creating an effective shopping estore, or save money by employing critical and smart machinery!

Devices seamlessly interact in this world, storing and processing data in the process. One might want to push productivity measures, generate revenue streams, or even drive effective security and support – all this is possible with IoT.

RND Infosoft delivers business transformation, implementing IoT, leveraging technology expertise, experience, domain-specific knowledge, and a very adept team of engineers who are committed to innovation and excellence. We help in

  • Creating useful and seamless customer experiences
  • Capturing business insights with connected objects based on market trends
  • Generating new revenue streams with a strong ecosystem
  • Building new services and products on smart products
  • Presenting aconsolidated view for all functions and locations

RND Infosoft partners with clients to identify the best IoT business cases, incorporating technology to create progressive business models and diverse revenue streams. The IoT engineers are well versed with proposing different solutions, while reducing costs and enhancing efficiency.

Our managed innovation approach simplifies the components of IoT and ricochets ideas from starting point to the prototype, while scaling the best ones through an efficientengagement and delivery model.

Learn more about our interesting take on IoT solutions and devices, and get to know if we are up for realizing your idea too.


"We collaborate with our years long skills and expertise to do information engineering and contribute towards building digital India and smart cities"

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