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The healthcare industry has been burgeoning consistently owing to the integration of latest technological inventions in the field. The focus on accountability and quality has increased in recent times with particular attention to outcomes and affordability. The advent of new technologies has led to several structural changes in the industry as innovators are re-examining their models. At RND Infosoft, we believe that the most critical factors for successful systems iscost effectiveness and high quality care that revolves around a strong, sustainable reimbursement model.

With the evolution of models, we deliver integrated healthcare ecosystems that are connected with each other. Since we work across the entire value chain, we are uniquely poised to offer solutions for every aspect too. Our solutions aim to:

  • Enhance patient centricity through centralized software
  • Better customer health experience
  • Cut down on overall costs for clients
  • Enhance operational efficiency and performance

Our healthcare IT solutions include software solutions for claims processing, e-governance, dental assessment, drugs inventory systems, visionintegrated systems and behavior assessment solutions.

Our solutions aim to simplify routine medical operations, enable single view of patient records, seamless care delivery, enhance productivity by automation, easy beneficiary assessment and claims settlement, better response time, and the like.

We incorporate cloud solutions for better medicaremanagement, and healthcare programs. Even our Hospital Information System solutions are personalized and tailored with the nature of operations at different organizations. Our maintenance and support solutions in the sector are flexible too, with multiple engagement models for aiding clients of different types.


"We collaborate with our years long skills and expertise to do information engineering and contribute towards building digital India and smart cities"

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