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The education sector is teeming with possibilities as technology is dictating new avenues to educate students in varied ways. One can customize content to address educational requirements as tech vendors are scurrying to explore new ideas. The curriculum is also now geared to offer students more ways to learn and groom themselves for the future in diverse fields while corporate training is getting a makeover with leadership skills added to the mix.

RND Infosoft delivers solutions to schools, research institutions, and different universities for simplifying their process of offering education. We provide multiple avenues that aid classroom learning combined with digital modes for content sharing among students. With graphical platforms and mobile content sharing apps, RND Infosoft aims to widen the reach of education with its learning portals, which encourages third-party learning, talent assessment, skill training and even performance management.

We opt for an approach to provide education-based solutions by:

  • Establishing knowledge-based platforms to test prototype-learning models, and implement custom learning solutions
  • Ensuring compliance with global certification standards, while adopting diverse learning tools for consistent learning
  • Analyzing effectiveness of targeted education for maximum returns on education investment.
  • Training of students and graduates by facilitating MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) related to different disciplines

Our solutions include BI and Data Warehousing along with a plethora of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions. We leverage multiple technologies for aiding educational institutions deliver seamless and streamlined education to their students, while making use of our packaged systems and consulting services.

Check out our wide range of offerings and solutions for this sector, and post in your queries directly. Our expertise in the education field will serve your needs in good stead, always.


"We collaborate with our years long skills and expertise to do information engineering and contribute towards building digital India and smart cities"

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