Board Design

Board Design

RND Infosoft offers comprehensive design and development services for standalone boards to open bus architecture based boards. We also provide solutionsfor designing products, manufacturing prototypes, testing products, and even for providing article inspection services before production.

Our domain exposure includes all sorts of communication systems, signal processing systems and even a wide variety of control systems. RND Infosoft boasts its ability to develop algorithms, simulations and the like for end use. To support our processes, we are competent in all types of data analysis, feasibility checks, performance analysis and rapid prototyping.

RND Infosoft also conducts thorough analysis in terms of power, thermal capacity, structural accuracy, etc. Signal integrity checks are employed on every level of PCB routing. The analysis helps us in doing away with design errors before boards are fabricated, thus reducing overall costs involved.

We carry out layers design for physical boards, data links and even the control interface. Our team is adept in designing standard boards including VPX, FMC, XMC, COMe, etc, each featuring high speed processors, including FPGAs, DDR II, DDR III, ethernet, PCIe, and many other devices.

Our portfolio of Board Design Competencies include:

  • High Density boards
  • Analog / Mixed Signal boards of high precision capacity
  • Boards of Power Supplies
  • Rigid-Flex Boards

Our design and development processes have been assessed and by international customers. We adhere to good product realization practices that aid smooth sourcing of components along with turnarounds. Procuring components with advance selection of critical components is something that our supply chain experts excel in.

We utilize different tools for Central Library Management, Schematic Design, Layout Design and Verification along with Structural Analysis. Additionally, we are quite well versed with different tools required for Pre-Layout Simulation, Post-Layout Simulation, Power Analysis, RF simulation and Thermal Simulation.

The company provides offerings that meet industry requirements to the hilt. With experience and expertise, including every phase from concept to product launch, RND Infosoft provides system software solutions that encompass every aspect of design and development.

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